Given that Warehouse Lighting (High Bay lighting) can account for 60-75% of the electrical energy costs in Australian warehouses why is it, that there is still so much disregard for this issue in Australia even though electricity prices have increased dramatically? Is it because warehouse High Bay lighting is up to 14 meters high and in areas difficult to access? Maybe it is “Out of sight – Out of mind”. Put it simply, inefficient warehouse lighting, predominantly high bay lighting, costs Australian operators millions of dollars every year.

The cheap, over the counter 400watt Metal halide high bay, most common in modern warehouses for general lighting is highly inefficient with large running costs. A 400watt rated light fitting is actually using 550+watts of power. A third of that power is wasted in heat. 

Maintenance alone requiring scissor/boom lift and two men (one on the ground as a spotter for OHS requirements) every one or two years replacing lamps can amount to additional $000’s per year. 

Refer to the section "Induction High Bay Lights V Metal Halide High Bay Lights" for detailed comparisons to see that Induction High Bay lights that lasts up to 10 years will reduce costs by using less power and reducing maintenance without sacrificing lighting output. 

For Warehouse High Bay Lighting MHD Induction Lighting recommends the following High Bay models;

High Bay Lights - Standard Range

High Bay Lights - Premium Range